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The Best Care is Self-Care

You know, we all get so busy sometimes until we forget to take care of ourselves. The best care is self-care because when you're well, you empower all those you come in contact with.

Learn to love yourself.

Learn to care for yourself.

Sometimes self-care for me is taking a 15-minute break to sip my favorite tea and listen to some soft instrumental café' music no matter what time of the day it is.

When I do this, I grab a pen and a pad of paper.

Here's what happens when I take that 15-minute tea break:

1) First, I get quiet and release all distractions, conversations, and separate myself from viewing digital platforms.

The result: CLARITY.

2) Then, I listen. Some of the most creative ideas are birth in quietness. The key to birthing that new idea is listening.

The result: INNER PEACE.

3) And finally, write down what you hear. Sometimes, I'll hear one word, other times I don't hear anything. For example, earlier this year when I did this, I heard the word RESET. I wrote it down and embraced RESET with my inner peace.

The result: NEWNESS

You don't have to know all the details about what you hear. Just trust the process. As you continue to reflect, everything hidden will be revealed to you.

What are you doing to love yourself? What is one of your self-care techniques that you do to relax?

I look forward to hearing from you.

~Dr. Regina Daigre, CEO, Visionary, Speaker

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