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From Clarity to Total Freedom

The noises of life can drown creativity, direction, and decisiveness.

Have you ever had a mental block? You need that next big idea to complete a project or just finish a sentence.

Well, clarity will give you the freedom to expand your borders.

Clarity comes when you relinquish your ideas, thoughts, and agenda to a higher dimension.

Relinquish what you think, how you feel, and trust God that he knows best because he manufactured you.

Your most imaginative dreams don’t compare to God’s plan for you. But you must yield to his perfect way, his perfect love, and his perfect abundance.

Trust him to teach you how to steward your gifts.

Turn your back against the noises of life. Relinquish old practices and take up God’s plan for your life.

Experience clarity and total freedom. Expand your borders.

As I stood on the balcony of the Biltmore mansion, not knowing what my next step would be, I mentally stepped into His classroom, raised my hand and said, “Here I am, Lord. I’m listening”.

Total clarity, total freedom is found is His classroom. Follow His instructions and experience the expansion of your borders.

~Difference-maker, Dr. Regina Daigre, CEO, Visionary, Speaker, Believer

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