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If you want to reach your destiny in life, the journey begins with one step: You.

During the journey, you will get tired, become frustrated, and feel as though you’re not making progress.

I am a forward moving person. So, when I am not making progress, it’s only natural for me to identify what’s preventing me from moving forward.

Through my journey, I’ve discovered that I am my biggest hindrance. I am the ONLY one who can block my success.

The journey begins with me.

What we think, may be hindering us from catapulting to the next level.

Here are three phases of a journey that I’ve experienced when I’ve felt as though I wasn’t making progress.

#1 Reset Journey. You have to reset your thoughts on the matter. This mind change is an inward change that requires you to make a decision to accept something that’s different from your normal way of thinking. You will know you’ve reached the reset journey when your mind is challenged to change.

A reset will challenge your mind, the mental change.

#2 Reboot Journey. The reboot journey takes on a different life from the reset journey. Rebooting is another level. A reset will help you make a decision to do something differently but a reboot will help you recharge to implement your new decision. When you have burned yourself out, it’s time to reboot. When you discover that you cannot generate a new thought even if someone paid you do it, it’s time to reboot. Just as a computer needs to shutdown overnight to recharge, your mind needs to shutdown to recharge. Shutdown everything. Rest and be still.

A reboot will challenge your intellectual operating system (IOS).

#3 Reorganization Journey. After the reboot, you should be ready for the reorganization. The reorganization is usually visible. During the reorganization, you will have to let some tangibles go, while other tangibles will remain. It’s all part of the journey. Don’t fall in love with your tangible assets.

The reorganization will challenge tangible assets.

As I walk this journey with my clients to help them get to know themselves on a deeper level, I provide proven strategies to help them solve problems and make decisions based on their personal leadership and management styles to give them a transformational management experience.

I believe leadership manifests when leaders take the journey to discover who they are in work and life. Most leaders are experts at what they do. However, when leaders fail, it's usually not due to a technical journey, but an interpersonal journey they fail to reset, reboot, and reorganize their work and life.

You are the first step of your journey.

How are you doing today? And, where are you on your journey?


Dr. Regina Daigre, CEO, Visionary, Speaker, Believer

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